What is the BenefitsPal™ discount card?

The BenefitsPal™ discount card gives you easy access to doctors and nurses, discounts on a range of vision and dental services, prescription drug savings, exclusive manufacturer discounts and far more! Whether you have insurance or not, this card will provide savings to you and your family.

How does the BenefitsPal™ discount card work?

After you submit your application, you will be sent your exclusive BenefitsPal™ discount card in the mail. You may begin using your benefits as soon as you receive your card. Along with the membership card, your BenefitsPal™ Membership Kit will also come with an explanation of discounts available to you and your family, and for your convenience, the five closest participating providers to your zip code. To locate additional providers, you can visit MyMemberPortal.com, or call the phone number listed on the back of your membership card. Your card can be used at a participating provider of your choice, and must be presented at the time of service to receive your discounted price.

What kind of savings will this card offer my family and me?

Your member savings vary by benefit. Refer to the membership discount booklet or MyMemberPortal.com for benefit details.

Who can use the card?

The card may be used by you, your spouse, and all legal dependents.

How many times can my family members or I use the benefits?

You and your immediate family may use the benefits as many times as needed throughout the membership year. Two exceptions are the mail in rebates for Crizal® No-Glare lenses and Transitions® adaptive lenses. These rebates can only be redeemed one time and are subject to the terms and conditions listed on the rebate forms.

What if I want to cancel?

If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of your enrollment date, you may cancel your membership and receive a full refund of your membership fees. After 30 days, you may cancel your membership at any time and no further monthly fees will be charged. If you have purchased an annual membership, you will receive a prorated refund of your annual fees.

Is BenefitsPal™ insurance?

No. This program is not insurance. BenefitsPal™ is a discount card program offering savings when visiting participating providers.

How is BenefitsPal™ different from insurance?

Unlike insurance, this is a point of sale discount plan. There are no health restrictions and you and your immediate family can use the discount card as often as you would like. Your BenefitsPal™ discounts are afforded to you at the time of service; as a member, you are required to pay the entire discounted bill at the time of service.

Can BenefitsPal™ be used in conjunction with other insurance?

BenefitsPal™ cannot be used in conjunction with insurance plans unless a service or procedure is excluded by the insurance plan. If an insurance plan only covers yourself, other immediate family members can use the discount card to reduce their healthcare expenses.

If a particular location or doctor is not a participating discount program provider, how do I go about getting them added?

You can call the phone number on the back of your BenefitsPal membership card with the name, address and telephone number of the requested provider. The provider will be contacted and invited to join the appropriate network, however, this does not guarantee they will agree to join the network.

When can my family members or I begin using the benefits?

All can use their card on the day it is received. Just present the card when you arrive at the participating provider’s office or retail store.

How do I know which participating providers are in their area?

Your BenefitsPal™ membership kit has the five closest providers to your zip code. To locate additional providers, you can call the phone number on the back of the membership card or visit MyMemberPortal.com.

Who can purchase this plan?

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age in the United States may purchase this discount program. There are no health restrictions, so everyone is accepted!

How much is the BenefitsPal™ card?

BenefitsPal™ packages start at $1.99 a month for you and your immediate family. You can see specific package pricing and details by visiting BenefitsPal.com and click on the Packages link at the top of the page.

Where can I buy the BenefitsPal™ discount card?

You can purchase your BenefitsPal™ membership online at BenefitsPal.com or at select participating merchants.

Do my family members or I need our card to receive the discount?

Yes, you will need to present your card to a participating provider at the time of service to be eligible to receive your discount.

Will my information be shared with other companies?

New Benefits, the administrator of BenefitsPal™, will share member information with its affiliates, related companies and service providers to the extent it is necessary to provide and manage benefits to the member or their dependents. Unless otherwise permitted by law New Benefits will not share with these parties any information it collects that is not needed by these parties to provide the benefits to the member or their dependents. These organizations are not authorized to use member information for any purposes other than for New Benefits business.